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Best Auto Ball Thrower for Dogs

If you have a dog, it’s a good idea to get an automatic ball thrower for him because they can give hours of incredible entertainment. You can train your four-legged friend to return balls to the opening. Then, the device will launch it again so he can enjoy fetching balls while you needn’t engage.

These machines are designed to be able to shoot the balls across your backyard over 10-30 feet of distance. However, there are so many issues we face like cheap and low-quality launchers. Also, there is a variety of products out there, so you may be overwhelmed with them. We’re here to help you. In this writing, we will introduce you to the top six best machines on the market now.

Top 7 Best Auto Ball Thrower for Dogs Reviews

  1. iFetch

When it comes to the best auto ball thrower for dogs, we can’t ignore the iFetch. It’s a famous product all over the world. Especially, iFetch won numerous awards as well.

This machine offers you three main components of the package. They include the AC adapter, the thrower itself, and the set of three mini tennis balls. This unit looks absolutely amazing. It’s available in a blue-and-white color scheme.

There are rounded edges as well as rolling curves. Therefore, you will get the whole device a modern look. This machine allows you to adjust the throwing power to 10, 20, or 30 feet. To do this, you only need to press the button on the back of it.

Moreover, there are LED lights above. This unit uses mini tennis balls which are great for smaller dogs. Plus, this is a lightweight model since it only weighs 2.5 lbs. As a result, you can transport it with ease. The only downside of this unit is that the balls included seeming to be not very durable.

  1. Playball

If you are looking for the best affordable auto ball thrower for dogs is Playball. It is known for a pet-friendly design. There is a big opening on the top, so your pet can place the ball inside of it with ease.

It offers you three different distance settings. If you plan to use it for outdoor fun, it’s best to use the highest one.

You can use Playball both outside and inside the house because this one uses not only the power cord but also the rechargeable batteries. There are three smooth balls. They are actually saliva resistant.

This one is perfect for those who are shopping for a great ball thrower which comes at an affordable price.

  1. BallReady

The BallReady is known for its attractive looks. It also has an innovative feature. This machine can feed your furry friend whenever he retrieves the ball. It comes with a plastic plate on the side. And, you can put your pet’s favorite foods.

One great thing about this ball thrower is that you can set it to let out the food in expected time intervals. This purposes to allow your pet to leave the house without any concerns. Another good thing is the included Lithium-ion battery which allows you to use it in your yard with ease.

This device is actually pretty innovative. When opening the box, you will get some objects inside such as one Lithium-ion battery, BallReady machine, user manual, and three standard tennis balls.

It is able to shoot the balls to distances of 2 and 5 meters. In spite of being not pretty far, it can still give your beloved dog loads of fun.

  1. PetSafe Auto Ball Launcher

The Petsafe auto ball launcher attracts pet owners thanks to its modern and sleek looks. So, how is the features and performance?

Aside from its good looks, the machine also comes with a whopping nine range settings. This is really a lot more compared to many others. In order to set the distance, you need to use the knob found on the side of it. Also, it offers the angle settings to shoot in various directions.

Another great feature of this ball thrower is the safety sensor located in the front of the machine. It is able to protect you as well as your beloved friend from the thrown balls. Once there is any motion in this area, the machine will pause for five seconds. Therefore, this is a safe choice.

However, the device also gets a complaint about the motion sensor.

  1. iDogmate

Another best auto ball thrower for dogs is the iDogmate. One of the best things about this device is the distance setting. This machine is designed to be able to launch the ball with a distance of 10, 20, 40, or even 50 feet.

Also, the machine offers you a “random” setting. It’s simple to switch between these lengths because it comes with the remote controller. It is equipped with rechargeable Li-ion batteries, so you can use it outdoor.

It also requires you to charge once, then it is capable of throwing the ball up to 1000 times. This is also a good choice for your wallet because of its affordable price tag.

  1. GoDogGo

The last product we want to list here is the GoDogGo. It is well known for its great number of useful features such as the variable timing, the launching remote, as well as the capacity to load more than one ball at once.

In addition to the main unit, you also will get some other goodies in the box. They include three tennis balls in the standard size, an AC adapter, a remote control, and one rubber ball. Sure, you will notice the spiraling green bucket.

This device can be load with more than one ball thanks to the bucket. This is a good feature most of pet owners are looking for. Another excellent feature of GoDogGo is the remote control.

With this device, you can change the throwing intervals with ease. Also, it’s simple to put the machine into the auto-launch mode. However, this unit doesn’t include rechargeable batteries.

  1. iFetch Too

This model is a bit heavier compared to the previous model. It is designed to be able to shoot the full size tennis balls. If you want a high-quality device, don’t miss it.

Besides the device itself, you also get three balls of standard size, the instruction booklet, and an AC cable. This device comes with a distance slider, a power button, and the distance status lights as well.

After one charge, you can reach about 250 launches. Actually, this model is the best of all full sized dog ball throwers for many people.


Although the auto ball thrower is a simple device, it is still impressive. They are made to give the essential entertainment for your pet, especially when you are not around to play with your pet. We have just given you top 7 best devices out there.

However, our top pick is the iFetch. It features a modern design. Also, it’s easy to operate. This one is great for small and medium-sized dogs. If you need one for your German Sheperd or Neapolitan Mastiff, we highly recommend you to get the iFetch Too.

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