Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy 2019

Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy 2019

To maintain good health and good appearance for your cat, start doing these things today.


Make grooming a special and bonding time between you and your cat. Usually, cats do a great job doing this for themselves but longer haired and older cats may need a little help. Talk to your cat while grooming.

You can also use this time to check your cat’s health. Be on the lookout for skin irritations, lumps, painful or sore spots, fleas and ticks. If you find anything abnormal or concerning contact your vet. Also, check your cat’s teeth, ears and eyes regularly.


Usually, cats do not have to be bathed and most won’t like it when you do. Felines really do a great job of keeping themselves clean. If you find that your pet does require cleaning, use a shampoo especially for cats.

Don’t use products for humans or dogs on your cat, it may irritate their skin. Introducing the practice of bathing at an early age makes the task a lot easier and less stressful later in life.

Ear Cleaning

Ear Cleaning

You should check your cat’s ears once a week for wax build up or dirt and debris. If your cat’s ears need cleaning, use a product that is designed for cleaning your feline’s ears.

If you are unsure or feel uneasy, ask your veterinarian to show you the proper procedure. Be gently when cleaning and never go deeper into the ear than you can see. If you find wax embedded deep inside the ear or detect redness you should consult your vet.

A New Box For New Kitty

When you bring a new cat into a household with an existing cat, make sure to add at least one more litter box.

It is important to avoid placing the new pan in the resident cat’s territory. Try to pick a neutral spot where your new cat will not feel intimidated.

Privacy Please

Avoid placing your cat’s litter box in an area of your home with a high level of traffic. Your cat needs privacy when going to the bathroom. Consider placing the pan in a quiet, but easily accessible place.

Home Alone

If you are planning on being away from home for one or two nights, it is relatively safe to leave your cat home unattended, though this is not the best option. Your cat will get lonely and could possibly injure itself while you are away.

A better option is to have a friend or neighbor stop by, once or twice daily, to spend some quality time with your pet. If you absolutely have to leave your cat unattended, be sure to leave enough of its regular dry cat food and water and make sure the litter box is clean.

Eating More But Still Skinny

If your cat seems to be constantly hungry and always eating, yet losing weight, it is time to see your veterinarian.

It may mean that your cat suffers from hyperthyroidism, usually caused by a benign growth in the thyroid gland. Your cat could also be suffering from diabetes or intestinal parasites.

PET Good Health

A pet in good health is unlikely to spread disease. Keep your pets well-nourished by feeding a nutritionally complete and balanced quality pet food.

Take them to your veterinarian regularly to keep their vaccinations current and to confirm that they are in generally good health.

Cleaning Ears

Because the ears are a primary collecting point of dirt and debris, it is important to check your cat’s ears once every other week. If your cat’s ears need cleaning, use a cotton swab dipped in baby oil or another product suggested by your veterinarian.

Remember to be gentle and never go deeper into the canal than you can see. It is a good idea to ask your veterinarian for a demonstration on how to properly and safely clean your cat’s ears.

Please Protect Your Cat

There is now an increasing awareness of heartworms being a problem in cats as well as dogs. Cats living in those areas where mosquito infestation is heavy, such as the southeastern United States, are at a greater risk.

There is a higher incidence of this condition in male cats and cats that go outside but cats housed indoors are also at risk. Speak to your veterinarian about heartworm preventative for your cat.

Allergic Reaction

Have you ever wondered what may trigger an allergic reaction in your cat? Actually, pets suffer allergic reactions to many of the same substances that people do.

Insect bites, medications, certain foods and contact with chemicals can all cause an allergic reaction in your kitty.

Identification, Please

Proper identification of your pet is important. Cats should wear break-away collars with an identification tag in addition to having a microchip or tattoo identification.

Can I Afford A Cat?

Making the decision to adopt a cat or kitten can be an exciting one. Since your cat will depend on you throughout its life, possibly 15 years or more, you’ll need to carefully weigh both the benefits and the costs.

Routine annual veterinary care costs usually run anywhere from to. This does not include the charges you may incur if your kitty becomes ill. Since immunizations and examinations are necessary for the health of your cat, you should re-think your decision if you will not be able to budget for them.

Fun Car Rides

Is your cat is afraid of car rides? Consider going for a few short rides around the block culminating in a tasty food reward.

Gradually lengthen the trips making sure to praise your cat for calm behavior and offering treats at the end.

Spend The Extra Dollar

Cat food really isn’t something you should skimp on. When you go to the store, take a careful look at the different cat foods available and select a high-quality food that suits your cat’s needs. If you are in doubt, confer with your veterinarian.

Mobile Groomer

Mobile pet grooming is the perfect answer for many pets and their owners. For older or debilitated pets, having a groomer come to the house can be less stressful on the animal.

Also much less stress on their owners. There will be no mess to clean up as the groomer’s facility is in his or her van. And you don’t have to drop them off and pick them up at certain times.

Pet Sitter Pro

If you decide to use a professional pet sitter for your cat while you are away sure to verify that she or he is licensed and bonded.

The pet sitter should also carry liability insurance and preferably also be associated with a professional pet sitting organization such as the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. Ask for references and follow up on them.

Nighttime Snack

Is your cat getting you up early in the morning to be fed? Consider giving your kitty a snack right before you go to bed. Your cat will be less likely to wake you up for food at 5 in the morning if you give her something to eat right before you go to sleep.

CT Scan

Computers that boost the diagnostic capacity of the x-ray have routinely been used to treat humans. Computer aided tomography (commonly call a C.A.T. scan) is now becoming extremely useful in diagnosing conditions in animals as well.

Tomography provides a plane-by-plane view of the body, much like viewing individual slices of a loaf of bread, helping your veterinarian diagnose your pet’s problem.

Dry Now, Canned Later?

Most commercial dry and wet foods are nutritionally complete and balanced. Dry food has a texture that helps prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar. You can also purchase Tartar Control Treats.

As your pet ages, her nutritional and health needs may change. Your veterinarian may prescribe wet food if your pet is showing signs of dehydration or if your kitty has lost many of her teeth.

Food For Recovery

When your cat is recovering from major surgery or a medical condition, your veterinarian may recommend a special diet.

Your pet’s body often needs enhanced levels of protein and fat to facilitate healing and reconstruction of the tissues. Speak to your veterinarian about which diet is best suited for your cat.

Extra Calcium?

Just as too little calcium during growth can be harmful, so can excessive amounts. The most common cause of excess calcium is supplementation of an already complete and balanced diet with high calcium foods or mineral supplements.

Excess calcium can produce deficits in other nutrients and can cause potentially serious health disorders.

Time To Change A Box

Time To Change A Box Cat

Over time, the plastic in litter pans absorbs kitty urine odor and starts to smell like urine, even when the litter is clean.

Make sure you inspect your cat’s litter pan regularly, after cleaning, for lingering odor. Replace the box if it doesn’t smell clean.

Urinary Tract Health

If you are concerned about your cat’s urinary tract health, there are now diets available at the store, developed by nutritionist and veterinarians, to address your concerns.

These diets help maintain your cat’s urinary tract health by balancing the acidity and magnesium content of the diet.

Protein for Kittens

When you bring home a new kitten, you need to supply her with lots of love and a high quality kitten food. A kitten has unique nutritional needs that regular cat food will not fulfill.

Look for a diet that contains high quality protein which helps support your growing kitten’s immune system and muscle development. Have you ever wondered why protein is so important to your pet?

Protein works to help your cat maintain lean muscle mass supports a healthy immune system. It helps your pet stay stronger longer. Look for a diet with a high quality protein source for your cat.

Feeding A Pregnant Cat

It is important to feed your cat with extra food while she is pregnant. A high quality kitten food is usually a good choice.

Kittens born to mothers receiving insufficient amounts of protein during gestation may show delayed development and poor attachment to their mother.

Too many eggs

Too many eggs for cat

Repeatedly adding raw eggs to a kitty’s diet can cause a deficiency of the vitamin biotin. This can lead to dermatitis, loss of hair and poor growth. Supplements are typically not necessary when a cat is fed complete and balanced cat food.

Grow Your Own

If your cat enjoys catnip, consider growing your own. To plant outdoors, sow seeds in a sunny location in the early spring. Seeds are available in most garden stores or mail-order catalogs. Catnip will grow back again next year if the winter is not too harsh.


If the authorities ask you to evacuate due to impending natural disaster, take your pets with you. If it is not safe for you to stay in the disaster area, it is not safe for your pets. Leave early; if emergency officials must evacuate you, you may be told to leave your pets behind.

Pet Stroller

Do you live within walking distance to your veterinarian? Would you like to take your cat for a stroll? Consider using a pet stroller.

Most models offer a separate removable cat carrier, durable nylon netting for maximum viewing pleasure and a collapsible frame for easy storage at your home or destination.

Pet-free Room

If you have friends or family that are allergic to your cat and who visit regularly, consider setting a room aside in your home as pet-free. Your pet-free zone might be a study, an extra bedroom or other room that has a door that can be shut.

Clean Air

If you suffer from allergies to your pet consider installing a whole-house humidifier and an air purifier to keep dust and hair levels down. Triple filters or “HEPA” air filters are recommended. Be sure also to change the filters in your forced-air system regularly. Otherwise, you will be re-circulating the dust and dander in your house.

Weekly Rinse

If you are allergic to your cat consider giving her a weekly rinse to remove loose hair and dander. Run a wet washcloth over your cat’s fur so that allergens will be wiped off. Studies have shown that simply wetting a cat using distilled water or saline solution is just as effective as a bath with hypoallergenic shampoo.

Electric Blanket Caution !!!

If you are considering placing a heating pad in your cat’s bed for warmth, be sure to exercise caution. Cover it with a towel and check it periodically to make sure it does not get too hot. An alternative is a warm water-heating pad through which warm water is circulated at a constant temperature.

Keep Everyone Safe

Home repairs and redecorating can be a stressful time for everyone involved. Be aware that some cats have protective instincts and may lash out at a worker who seems to be invading her territory.

A frightened cat can also slip outside and run away. Be sure to confine your cat to a quiet and safe area of the house until the work is completed.

How Much Catnip?

Have you ever wondered how much catnip to give to your cat? Actually, a little bit goes a long way. If you sprinkle 1/2 tsp on a towel that should be enough to make your kitty very happy.

Don’t Wait

If you suspect that your cat has a dental condition, based on bad oral odor, act quickly to seek veterinary advice. If you wait too long, there could be serious consequences.

Your kitty’s major organs such as heart, liver and kidneys can become affected and this can in turn adversely influence the overall health of your pet.

Help Them Swallow

If you have to give your cat medication in pill form, here are a few tricks to help her to swallow. After you have placed the medicine in her mouth, carefully tip her head back and stroke her throat. Gently blowing air into her nostrils will also help her to swallow.

Allergy Relief

If you are allergic to your cat, regular grooming will help remove loose hair and prevent it from being deposited on carpet and furniture. Ideally, have a professional, relative or friend do the grooming. If that is not possible, consider wearing rubber dishwashing gloves on your hands and a surgical mask on your face to minimize exposure to dander.

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