3 Tips to Keep That Gray Horse Sparkling

Having a gray horse is like wearing a white t-shirt to a mud run; both are going to get as disgustingly filthy as quickly as possible. Fortunately, even if your gray horse is a total slob that gloats widly after rolling in the nearest mud hole, there are tricks to trade that can have that pony shiny clean when it’s show time.


Don’t Procrastinate

It’s ironic, really, gray horse owners hate bathing, scrubbing, and grooming, yet, they have to do it the most of any horse owners. No matter how much you despise scrubbing away at your gray, the best way to keep that beast clean is to stay on top of the process. For example, if your gray horse comes in from turnout with several large stains and a brown tail, don’t leave it for later, get it clean right then and there. The longer you let things slide, the harder your horse will be to get clean. Have a daily tail washing ritual; before you know it, your horse will have a beautiful, sparkling, bright white or gray tail that turns the heads of both gray and non-gray horse owners.

The Right Products

Whenever I see someone scrubbing away at their gray with an ordinary shampoo, I shudder. To save yourself time and a lot of exasperation, having the right product is imperative. The king of all gray horse shampoos is of course Quic Silver. The purple liquid is like a magic eraser; scrub on, let sit, rinse and voila! In addition to being useful for all gray horse shampooing needs, it’s strongest suit has to be getting tails clean. Depending on how filthy your horse’s tail is, you may have to do a few shampooing cycles, but Quic Silver will get the job done.

When at a Show

Gray horse owners alike understand the concept that it only takes ten seconds for a gray horse to end up dirty all over again. This phenomenon can be especially exasperating when a gray horse is stabled. Wehther you’re at a show, or simply want to keep your horse as clean as possible, frequent mucking can decrease the chances of your gray horse waking up covered in greenish brown manure stains. By mucking as often as possible and as late as possible the night before your early morning ride, you can decrease your horse’s chances of so acquiring those pesky stains.

Although it can seem daunting, keeping your gray horse clean is certainly not impossible; stay on top of things, have gallons of Quic Silver, a ton of patience, and endless determination. With those ingredients, your gray horse will be the cleanest around.

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