How Much to Feed Great Dane Puppy?

How Much to Feed Great Dane Puppy

Besides water and sleep, you need to choose the right food for your Great Dane puppy. This is really one of the most important tasks for their survival. Because of the extreme growth of this dog breed in their first years of life, it’s important to give them the right nutrition for their long term health.

If your pet gains weight rapidly, it can cause excessive stress on their joints. Also, it can lead to other issues as bowed legs, knuckling over, Osteochondritis Dissecans, Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy, and Panosteoitis. Hopefully, you read this post before you decide to bring a Great Dane Puppy to your home. In this article, we will let you know how much to feed your beloved friend.

How Much Should A Great Dane Puppy Eat?

For a Great Dane puppy, you need to give him about 2,500 to 3,000 calories per day. And, it’s about 2,500 calories for an adult Great Dane. However, it is still important to give growing puppies more calories to keep them growing well.

It’s best to feed them 3 times a day. You will need a feeding schedule since it can keep your pet as healthy as possible.

2 Week Old Great Dane Puppy

If your Great Dane puppy is 2 weeks old, he will be completely reliant upon the mother milk. For larger litters, you need to care for any pups who don’t gain the same amount as other pups. If they can’t gain weight, it’s best to give them formula.

3 Week Old Great Dane Puppy

At this stage of life, your Great Dane puppy is still completely dependent on the mother milk. At this time, you shouldn’t introduce foods to your pet. Also, avoid trying to wean him.

4 Week Old Great Dane Puppy

When your Great Dane puppy is 4 weeks old, he is still reliant on his mother’s milk. However, at this point, you can introduce him to some foods. First, it’s best to make a mixture of ¼ puppy food and ¾ water to start.

Then notice if your pet is interested or not. If he isn’t interested in the new food, take it away. He may need more time. If yes, he may only take a nibble or two because of his small stomach.

5 Week Old Great Dane Puppy

When your Great Dane Puppy is 5 weeks old, you can give him more of the mixture of food and water. In spite of it, your pet may still be not interested yet. You should let him get his mother’s milk without any problem.

If there are any growth problems, you should contact your vet. If your pet isn’t taking food or milk, you may have to consider formula.

6 Week Old Great Dane Puppy

At the age of 6 weeks, your furry friend should be interested in your food mixture. If he gets your food mixture without stomach upset, it’s time to decrease the amount of water in the mixture. If there is any issue, you can consider switching your pet to eating just dog food. And, he is still nursed by his mother.

7 Week Old Great Dane Puppy

At this point, your pet may or may not be weaned from his mother. You can give your pet a quick drink of milk before his mother runs off again. You should give your pet puppy food without trouble. However, if you notice your puppy is still struggling, it’s important to revisit the water mixture or food option.

8 Week Old Great Dane Puppy

For 8 weeks old Great Dane puppy, he can begin to be rehomed and separated from their mother. At this point, you should wean your puppy by now. If your pet is on just food, you need to give him food 3 to 4 times per day. This purposes to help your pet grow well.

9 Week Old Great Dane Puppy

At this time, pet owners should adjust him to a new home and steadily eating. Because 9 weeks old Great Dane puppy is a big dog, these dogs have a big appetite. That’s why it’s essential to feed about 4 cups of food. These dogs should grow and gain weight quickly.

10 Week Old Great Dane Puppy

This dog has a lot of energy. Therefore, he can grow a lot in a very short period of time. You need to give him plenty of calories so he can grow rapidly. On average, you need to give your Great Dane 4 to 5 cups of food per day. However, you can up the food a little if your pet seems overly thin.

11 Week Old Great Dane Puppy

For 11 weeks old Great Dane puppy, you need to feed him on a strict feeding schedule. Give him foods only 10 to 15 minutes before you take it away again. This aims to train your pet to stick to the schedule. If you want to prevent your puppy from bloat, you should break up meals. Don’t feed him too much. Instead, divide his meals well for his good digestion.

12 Week Old Great Dane Puppy

For 12 week old Great Dane puppy, you should give him food 3 times a day. Then, his digestion can run smoothly. You can consider giving your pup 6 cups of food per day since at this point, he’s growing quickly. You need to give your pet a lot of food so he can maintain the right growth.


The Great Dane is actually a giant dog breed. This dog has been around for 400 years. Today, they are used as family pets. If you own a Great Dane puppy, it’s important to have a consistent feeding schedule.

It plays an important role in his overall health. It’s also vital to determine how much to feed a Great Dane puppy to give him a happy life. You can monitor your pet’s food intake if it’s suitable. Hopefully, our tips today are useful for you.

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