Best Grooming Clippers for Dogs

Best Grooming Clippers for Dogs
Dog Grooming Clippers are the first tools and most important for any dog and pet grooming. You should only use the best for your loved ones. You can buy the best professional set of dog grooming clippers online right now for under $100, and you don’t have to go to an overpriced “dog salon” either!

Dog Grooming Clippers Tips

If you are planning on grooming your pet, especially when clipping their fur, you need a professional set of dog clippers. Instead of using hair clippers for human. Grooming clippers for pets will work well and bring comfort to your dog. The initial cost of buying a professional set of dog clippers may be high, but the money you’ll save from grooming dogs yourself is higher.
Before you begin, you should bathe your pet for the dog grooming clippers to cut the fur; even the best brand will become dull when used on a dirty or oily coat. Some clippers will operate wet, but most need a dry fur coat, so be sure to read your particular instructions. Let your dog lie still when clipping their fur the best ways to do this are to use a grooming table or use your hand to stroke your dog so it feels safe. You should always make sure your dog does not jump or become excited by the noise of turning an electric clipper on to avoid injury.
Specialty cuts and trims, like a cocker cut or poodle cut, are doable on your own and even for inexperienced dog handlers. You should follow the given instructions that come with your dog clippers. Many attachments are available for the best dog grooming clippers for specific cuts and lengths.

Dog Grooming Supplies

Dog Grooming Supplies

There are many types of fur clippers to suit cut styles, price levels, and user experience. For starters, economizing is not recommended for your loving pets. The Oster A5 and the Andis AGC Two-Speed Ultra Edge Dog Clipper are often the most used and suggested models by dog grooming professionals, both come with detachable blades for length and specialty customization. The higher the blade number the closer the cut, a 40 blade can be used on the ears of dogs, whereas a 7 to 10 is the normal blade used for optimal body coat length.
The clipper blades must be oiled with each use to maintain their durability. Well, oiled blades will also prevent them from getting hot and will be the most comfortable for dogs.

Oster Clippers

Oster clipper combs and other Oster products are premium dog grooming clippers and are the professional’s choice.  Products of Oster range from pet clippers, Oster massagers, to clipper extensions and parts. As before mentioned, the Oster A5 and its sharpening tools recommended.


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